Interim Pastorates
The Benefits of an Interim Ministry for your Church
An Interim Pastor provides . . .
  • Consistent Bible Teaching
  • Leadership
  • Unity
  • Objectivity in Discussion
  • Wise Counsel to the Church Board
The role of an interim pastor is adaptable to the specific needs of your church; whether full-time, part-time or commuter.  With the right leadership the time between pastors can be one of Renewal, Discernment, and Growth.

IMI/SOS offers several contract options to meet the individual needs of each church.  Regardless of what contract level is chosen, the pastor's compensation is paid monthly to IMI/SOS International, making it easy for the church to know the exact cost for the interim pastor. In addition, because the pastors are employees of IMI/SOS, we cover the worker's compensation insurance and issuing year-end W-2 wage statements. 

Determine Your Level of Interim Need . . .
Commuter Interim Contract -- Weekend pulpit fill
If you are a smaller church this may be all you need; an interim pastor to minister in your Sunday service(s).  The negotiated monthly payment to IMI/SOS includes:
*Compensation for Sunday Service(s)
*Mileage/Travel reimbursement
*Compensation for study time (based on number of services)

Part-Time Interim Contract -- with limited pastoral duties
Perhaps you need a bit more than just Sunday pulpit supply.  A part-time interim pastor could hold office hours at the church a few days per week, visit the shut-ins, offer assistance at board meetings or pulpit search committee meetings, as well as lead the midweek service.  Working with each church's individual needs and financial situation, we construct a contract that covers the areas you need.  The negotiated monthly payment to IMI/SOS includes:
*Compensation for Sunday Service(s)
*Mileage/Travel reimbursement
*Compensation for study time (based on number of services)
*Compensation for office hours/extra duties needed

Full-Time Interim Contract -- with pastoral duties
Some churches prefer to have the interim pastor available full-time.  This option is advantageous to the church because all pastoral duties are filled by the interim pastor, allowing the church leadership to focus on finding the next pastor for the church.  The negotiated monthly payment to IMI/SOS includes:
*Compensation based on the former pastor's salary
*Pastoral duties based on the needs of your church
*Housing provided by the church, if needed

For more information visit our document download page where you will find our brochures, our doctrinal statement, a sample interim contract, and other pertinent documents.  Or contact our office via e-mail at:


The Value, Wisdom and Need for Interim Ministry in Your Church

The Pastorless Church
Dr. Ronald E. Workman, DD

When a congregation experiences the loss of their pastor it is often a time of emotional, mental and
spiritual adjustment. Such a time can be healthy and positive or it may be stressful and difficult. Varying circumstances prevail in each church's situation, but a basic need now becomes evident: the need of maintaining a consistency in the pulpit ministry and assuring the congregation of the availability of "Pastoral" care.

Too often today we are witnessing the "break-away" of people from our churches due to an inconsistency of ministry from the pulpit, pastoral compassion and the inability of Lay-leadership to discern and meet the needs of the congregation. The results can be discouraging and disastrous! This becomes especially apparent when the Pastor leaves and the church faces the challenge of "staying the course" and preparing for a new pastor. It is in such times that a congregation's character comes forth and the genuineness of their faith and faithfulness is revealed. 

In Ephesians four, the Holy Spirit identifies the "Pastor/Teacher" as one of the gifts to the church, a high and holy calling. Through the years God has used "Pastors" to fulfill a unique role in our lives: preaching and teaching the word, encouraging, comforting, and exhorting to Christian Living, protecting, nurturing and caring in sacrificial ways. Many such pastors are now in retirement and yet feel the compulsion to keep on with their "calling" but in a more limited role. That role being an "interim pastor." 

The interim pastor is a valuable asset and blessing to the local church! He brings years of experience and insight to the congregation and the lay leadership. He is prepared to help the church in areas of unity, healing and objective counsel.  When a pastor leaves there can be times that communication breaks down and follow through in various areas of the church's ministry is lacking. This lends itself to questions of direction and focus and some may begin to wander in their quest for fellowship and spiritual sustenance. The role of the interim pastor helps to alleviate such fears and uncertainties. 

Preparing a congregation for a new pastor is a most significant contribution of the interim pastor. He brings genuine "objectivity" into discussion and wise counsel to the church leadership. If the church is in need of ministry evaluation this is an opportune time for establishing renewed vision and setting goals. 

The type of 'interim' is adaptable to the specific needs of the church. By far the best arrangement is to have a "full-time" interim pastor. However, "part-time" and "commuter" interims can be very helpful. The time between pastors need not be one of loss or indecision for the congregation. With the right leadership it can be a time of blessing and even growth. 

Interim Ministries, Inc. [now IMI/SOS International] was founded to provide experienced pastoral care and leadership for churches facing such interim seasons in the life of the church. God has blessed IMI/SOS with over thirty associates who are available for interim pastorates. We are seeing interest throughout the country and it is our desire to strengthen and support our churches in their time without a pastor. 

We invite your inquiries and covet your prayers for churches-especially when they are without a pastor. Brethren, we need each other and together we can meet the needs of churches across the country.  Further information is available throughout this website.  You may also contact the IMI/SOS International office at P.O. Box 116, Hudsonville, MI 49426 or e-mail: 

Dr. Ron Workman is a graduate of Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music and seminary. He has
spent thirty-two years in the Pastorate, ministering to six churches. Dr. Workman is the founder and director of Interim Ministries, Inc. He is a member of Clearwater Christian College Board of
Directors, IFCA International and Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission Board. Dr. Workman is also the President of the Cornerstone Christian Academy Board, Fremont, MI.

Reprinted from May/June 2000 VOICE magazine