Pulpit Supply
The ministry of IMI/SOS International exists to serve the local church.  It is our conviction that there is no greater work on the face of this earth.  The Church is the program and promise of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, based upon His declaration that, "I will build my church ..."

IMI/SOS International is pleased to provide pulpit supply for local churches.  Our associates stand ready to minister the Word to your local church; they have already had many years of pastoral ministry and are now serving the Lord in interim needs.  From time to time needs may arise in your church which require someone to fill the pulpit.  Your pastor may need someone to feed the flock while he is on vacation, at a conference or continuing education courses, or on sabbatical.  We are here to serve.  Our associates are located in Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

As a service on your behalf, all arrangements are coordinated through the office of IMI/SOS.  Please call us at 616.797.9990.  To help you prepare to meet the financial needs of the Associate, a suggested remuneration guideline is provided on the document download page.  We ask that you seek to meet these suggested remunerations.  This provides for good stewardship for all concerned.  Please do not give an honorarium check directly to the IMI/SOS Associate; instead you will be invoiced by our office.  Upon receipt of the invoice we request that your remuneration be made payable to IMI/SOS International and returned to our office so that it can be applied to the associate's account.

We look forward to serving your church as the need arises.